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What to Do and Not Do While Pregnant

-Healthy Pregnancy Survival Guide”

Pregnancy is an exciting time in the life of a man and a woman. So much possibility and future all so nearby and impending, it is no surprise that people cherish every moment. Of course there is also a great deal of worry that accompanies even a health pregnancy. Worries about what a pregnant woman should or should not do can consume even the calmest expectant parents’ thoughts, and quickly turn a joyful time into an anxiety fest! To help calm fears and ease nerves though, there are just a few things that any expectant couple should follow:

1 – Get as much rest and relaxation as you can handle. Though it can be very tempting to try and keep living your life at your normal pace and just go, go, go the whole time that you are pregnant, this is not the best thing for a successful pregnancy. Listen to what your body is telling you, and sit down and rest when you are tired. Though it may not seem like you are doing a lot at any given moment, you need to remember that you are growing a person!

2 – Stay away from drugs and alcohol. This is plain common sense. Drinking, smoking and doing drugs are bad for you even when you are not pregnant, so there is even less reason to indulge in any of these activities when you are!
Check for medications to avoid. A good place to start is is an informative article on Pregnancy and Medication Safety

3 – Avoid long, hot baths, especially in the first trimester. Although a nice, hot bath may sound like a soothing indulgence, the truth is that a hot soak while pregnant can pose a risk to your unborn child, by elevating your body temperature too much.

4 – Eat right and take your vitamins. During pregnancy, more than any other time, your body needs nutrition. Remember that you are keeping not only your own self going but you are also growing a person. Your body will need extra calories and nutrition to make sure that you are both getting everything that you need. Prenatal vitamins help ensure that you are getting all of the minerals and nutrients that you might otherwise fall short on.

Though there are other things that you should or should not do, these four are probably the top. Remember to take care of yourself as carefully as you plan to take care of your baby once he or she is born and you can’t go wrong.